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Solar Water Heating: Powerful Tips To Consider!

June 8th, 2011

Solar Water Heating: For those homeowners dependent upon traditional water heaters, the goal of a plentiful flow whenever needed can have a significant impact on the cost of home electrical energy.

An electric heater or gas heater can cause a drain on the budget that is only resolved by fewer showers, dishwasher cycles and loads of laundry.

While lowering the usage may be admirable, particularly if wasting the flow has been a pattern in your home, you might want to consider the benefits of solar water heating (SWH) to reduce the cost of plentiful supplies.


Solar Water Heating: Facts To Consider!


Solar heating systems have been widely used for years in countries other than the United States. For example, Greece, Turkey, China, Australia, Austria and Israel all use solar water heating (SWH) technology.

=>> Several types of systems are widely utilized.

The homeowner might use:

  • a direct system,
  • an indirect system,
  • a passive system
  • or active system.

=>> More sophisticated options are available as passive direct systems or active indirect systems.


Solar Water Heating: Factors That Affect Your Decision!


When choosing a solar water heating system for your household, several features can affect the decision. You can find a lower cost system, but it may not have freeze protection.

=>> It may not contain features to prevent overheating.

  • Either of these events can affect the ability to operate the entire system.

Frozen pipes can burst and run freely until the problem is remedied. Overly high temperatures can scald an unaware person.


=>> Consider this powerful tip!

You will want to look at the footprint of the solar system you are considering. If it is large and bulky and interferes with the aesthetics of your home or landscape, it is less desirable.

You probably want to consider whether or not the new system can be retrofitted to your existing equipment. A tankless or on-demand system tends to be less costly than a traditional water heater.


Solar Water Heating for Swimming Pools!


=>> If you are looking for a solar system for the purpose of warming water in a swimming pool, other considerations apply.

Although the temperature is not as high as what would be needed for showering or bathing. At the same time, the volume of liquid to maintain is much greater.

  • If the pool is outdoors, there are additional cleaning and evaporative issues that apply.


=>> Should you opt for solar water heating systems?

Solar water heating is not free, but over time it represents a significant cost savings for most families and households.

Maintenance and operational features tend to be less complicated than those in a traditional heater. Removing the tank feature from the system means there is no buildup of scale or lime in a tank.


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Solar Water Heating

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