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Alternative Energy Sources: Stop Paying Power Companies!

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Alternative Energy Sources: We are in need of alternative energy sources since fossil fuels are going to extinct in next few years. For the past years, fossil fuels were being used as a fuel for vehicles and electricity.

Alternative Energy Sources: Do you know this?

Due to over usage, they are depleted. It will take millions of years to get the fuel again since they are formed out of animal and plant decays.

Though it is available in considerable amount nowadays, we cannot continue to use these fuels since they are the main cause for pollution.

When fossil fuels are burnt, they can emit toxic gases such as carbon and other greenhouse gases which are the main cause for global warming.

So there is an immediate necessity to go for alternative energy sources. There are many alternative energy sources to fossil fuels founded so far. Some of them are wind energy, tidal energy, solar energy, hydrogen fuel. Let us see some of these alternative energy sources.

  • Wind Energy Is The Leading Alternative Energy Sources

The first form of alternative energy sources that we are going to see is wind energy. Wind energy is the power generated by windmills by harnessing the wind. It is force given by winds when blowing across our earth’s surface.

  • Wind energy is usually generated with the help of turbines or windmills.

Uneven heating of the earth’s surface causes wind to blow. About centuries ago, wind energy was first harvested with the help of windmills to power pumps, millstones and forges.

Wind farms have been constructed in most of the upland areas. But the construction of wind farms has been restricted due to the visual and noise pollution.

Alternative Energy Sources: Things to consider!

Due to this issue, it has been suggested to construct the wind mills in offshore locations at which wind blows at higher speeds and the visual pollution impact is also reduced.

The harnessed wind energy can be converted into mechanical energy which can be used to perform works such as grinding grain, pumping water and milling lumber.

There are many advantages in using wind energy such as it is one

  1. among the free,
  2. non-polluting and clean alternative energy sources,
  3. wind supply is plentiful,
  4. very apt energy source for less sunny regions,
  5. safe energy,
  6. works using very simple technology and provides electricity at cheaper rate.

There are disadvantages too. It is aesthetically disturbing, wind blow can be inconstant, it greatly affects the bird population and it causes noise pollution.

  • Tidal Energy Is The Cost Effective Alternative Energy Sources

Another form of alternative energy sources is tidal energy. Tides can be defined as big bulges or waves of water created due to the gravity of moon and sun.

These bulges move back and forth and create currents and make the water levels to frequently rise and drop. We can easily predict the location of rise and fall of water levels.

Alternative Energy Sources: A powerful tip!

It usually takes twelve hours for water level to rise and the same time to fall. We can harness renewable energy from the rise and fall of water.

By installing barrages, it is easy to generate electricity from the passing water with the use of turbines. Unlike wind, there is a constant rise and fall is there, so tidal energy is a non-polluting, clean and renewable source of energy.

The advantages of using tidal energy as one of the alternative energy sources include reliability, economical, truly renewable, security and efficiency. But there are some disadvantages in using this tidal energy is that it can cause damage to the ecosystem, increased fish mortality and it is costly.

Solar Energy Is The Purest Form Of Alternative Energy Sources Inspite Of High Maintenance. Solar energy is the most popular among the renewable alternative energy sources available. It is the radiant energy produced from the Sun due to the process of nuclear fusion.

It is the most popular form of energy which is in use nowadays. Though it was costly few years before, today it has become more affordable.

The cost will continue to decline when people started to realize its benefits. The simplest application of solar energy is the solar powered calculator. It works as long as light is there in your room.

Alternative Energy Sources: Don´t forget!

The solar calculator works using photovoltaic cells. Solar energy usage greatly reduces your expensive electricity bill since solar powered cells interconnected in series or parallel can form solar panels which can generate electricity with the sunlight captured.

It does not require the support of electricity to get powered. There are many applications of solar energy which include solar roofing togenerate

  1. electricity,
  2. solar calculator,
  3. solar cooking,
  4. heating and cooling process in industries,
  5. solar water heater and more.

It is one of the best clean and non-polluting alternative energy sources. There is an endless supply of this energy. It is flexible and modular which means it can be resized.

It is the safest energy source among the other alternative energy sources.  Use solar energy to a green environment.

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Solar Lights: Do it yourself for less than $200.

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Solar Lights: We all know that thousand watts of power are released by the sun per square meter for one day. If it is possible for us to store all of the energy released by the sun, there would be no problem in the availability of energy to power the whole world.

Solar Lights: It´s true!

Yet no device is invented to do this processing. We are able to utilize only a fraction of the sun’s energy available. Solar cells can capture a small fraction of energy and solar battery is used to store the energy captured and discharge it for future use.

Solar energy has many residential, industrial and commercial applications such as solar cooking, day lighting, solar hot water, solar calculators, solar roofs and more. One of the applications of solar energy is solar lights ranging from street lights to home lighting systems.

  • Solar lights are powered by solar panels which is an array of solar cells. 

Many manufacturers are offering solar lights in the form of home lighting system, street lights, garden lights, etc. They are often used for decoration purpose and available in a variety of designs.

They are used to show footpaths or in the swimming pools’ surroundings. They are popular for easy installation, free from pollution, compact and portable.

Solar Lights: Working Of Solar Lights And The Salient Features

Solar lights are portable and compact light composed of a photovoltaic solar pane, LED lamp and rechargeable battery. Solar panel is present on the top of the light which is used to recharge the battery.

The solar lights can be used as either indoor lights or outdoor lights. Indoor lights can be used for general illumination. Outdoor lights can be used for decorative purpose i.e. for garden and lawn decorations. The working of solar lights is very simple.

It should be recharged during the day. At evening, the lights turn on automatically but some of them consist of a switch for on and off. They illuminate overnight which is based on the amount of sunlight they capture during the day.

  • The time taken by the lights to discharge is approximately 8 to 10 hours.

At times, solar lights cannot provide the light energy equivalent to the lighting system powered by electrical wiring, yet they are cheaper than wired lamps. They can be easily installed and maintained.

  • Advantages Of Solar Lights Over Conventional Lighting Systems

The solar lights are available in various forms to meet your requirements including street lights, study lamps, courtyard lights, landscape lights, garden lights and lanterns. They are extremely durable and very easy to maintain.

Solar lights are ideal investment for new buildings since there will no problem of wiring. These lights can withstand almost any conditions. We can expect a green future with this eco-friendly, long lasting lights since they do not produce carbon emissions.

Solar Lights: Keep in mind!

Many manufacturers are offering high-quality; extremely durable solar powered street lights. They offer better illumination and they are ideal for lighting in remote areas.

Some of the features of the solar street lights are

  1. minimal maintenance,
  2. pollution free,
  3. grid independence,
  4. can operate from the dusk to dawn,
  5. weather proof,
  6.  easy installation and
  7.  tubular battery.

 Another form of solar light is solar lanterns which are designed to serve rural areas. They help children to read as well as write, provide light to farmers to do their work even after sunset. The most important application is home lighting system. It is powered using solar panels and solar batteries.

Easy Installation Of Solar Lights And Regular Maintenance:   We can install our solar lights for residential, commercial or industrial purpose with the help of guidance provided by a proper licensed solar power companies.

They must be capable of providing after-sales service, free consultation and step-by-step guide to instruct through the process of installation. Very few companies do this for consumers.

Solar Lights: My last words for you!

One of the most popular companies offering proper guidance is the Green-DIY-Energy. They provide a clear cut video library to demonstrate the installation process of solar power to overcome the difficulty in reading a big guide of several pages.

They also provide a guide which can be easily read and understood even by school-goers. In addition to that, they also offer a “To-Buy” list to avoid purchasing of unwanted materials while installing solar energy.

Enlighten your life by installing solar lights with the help of Green-DIY-Energy and greatly reduce your electricity bill. Help the environment by using this pollution-free, safe renewable energy source which is called solar energy.

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Renewable Energy: Stop Paying Power Companies!

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Renewable Energy: Global Warming is threatening the world due to the increased use of Air conditioners, fans, computers, fridge, television and other electronic items. 

Renewable Energy: Attention!

Now, the main aspect of a healthy living is to stop global warming.  Government and other social organizations are taking adequate steps to stop global warming. 

The main thing discussed is to reduce the consumption of electricity.  Now, electricity consumption is becoming higher and higher because of the use of all kinds of electronic components. 

Now, today every household is using air conditioners, fridge which requires a lot of electricity and electricity bills are increasing.   So, there is a drastic need to consume electricity not only to save the world but to reduce the overall expenses related to electricity consumption. 

So, the Government and other social organizations are looking for some alternative to save electricity.  They found that the solar energy is the best energy source for conserving electric energy.

To make use of solar energy, which is a form of Renewable energy solar panels are used.  The solar panel is an assembly of solar cells which are interconnected.

  • These solar cells are also known as photovoltaic cells.

The solar panel can be used as a large photovoltaic system to provide electricity to commercial organizations and for residential purposes.

Solar Panel And The Different Ways To Generate Solar Energy The Renewable Energy. The Solar panels make use of the photovoltaic effect which makes use of the light energy from the sun to generate electricity. 

Renewable Energy: Things to consider!

This  renewable energy derived from the sun is a form of solar energy and is also called renewable energy.  Sunlight can be converted to electricity either through the photovoltaic effect or through the concentrated solar power (CSP). 

In concentrated solar power, the sun’s energy is used to boil water which in turn is used to provide electricity.  Initially, the photovoltaic effect was used in small and medium sized applications. 

It was used to operate a calculator which was powered by a solar cell and in homes to provide electricity which was powered by the photovoltaic effect.  In CSP or concentrated solar power lenses and mirrors are used to focus sunlight into a small beam. 

  • Then the concentrated heat is used in conventional power plants. 

This form of renewable energy is safe and easy and greatly reduces the consumption of electric power.  Various techniques are available to track the sun’s energy and to focus light to a small ray of beam. 

In all of these techniques a working fluid is heated up by the concentrated sunlight and the heat source generated is used for power consumption.  The heat source generated can also be used as a renewable energy for storage.  This stored energy can be used in future or whenever needed.

Renewable Energy: Do you know this?

How To Store Solar Energy The Only Natural Renewable Energy Which Is Not Available At Night? Solar energy which is renewable energy is not available at night, so it becomes very essential to store this energy whenever it is available. 

This energy storage is indeed necessary to provide a continuous supply of this energy for future use.  Wind power and solar power are sources of energy which are intermittent and needs to be stored whenever it is available or it has to be transmitted through transmission lines to places where it is urgently needed. 

This storage of renewable energy is to compensate for the loss incurred when there is no solar energy or when there is no proper sunlight to generate solar energy. 

Molten salts are used to store solar energy which can be stored at very high temperatures.  Salts are used to store solar energy because they are an effective storage medium and are easily available at a low cost.

Salts have high heat capacity and can easily deliver heat to power systems at very high temperatures. The “Solar Two” uses the above method of using salts for renewable energy storage, and this can provide a continuous output for nearly 39 hours and the efficiency is nearly 99% from these methods.

The Use Of Concentrated Photovoltaic System And Space Solar Power To Generate Renewable Energy Resources

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