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March 9th, 2011

Hey, here is Daniel!


Thanks for visiting my blog about how to build your own solar roof panels for less than $200. Yes, you build home solar panels for this money, even if you have no prior experiences about solar roof tiles.

Be patient and look around in this blog. Here, I revealed for you all my killer secrets and lessons learned about solar panels installers.

The best of all, you will know how to dramatically reduce your solar panel prices using a step-by-step video guide that I finally found after hard search online.


Do you know? …. I have never learned that I can construct my own 60 to 120 Watt solar power roof tiles for less than $100 in case I do a bit extra effort in collecting the materials.

What is really amazing that you can have your solar panel roofing for less than $30 if you devote the time and energy to rebuild and connect broken photo voltaic roof shingles.


I know what you are thinking right now. Who would someone start a site on building solar electric panels?…. Well, I would.

I was fed up with paying high electric bills and maybe you too… I know how much it is frustrating to be lost among hundreds of guides and websites that promise you the moon and deliver you nothing valuable.

That is why I decided to share all the information I collected and the experiences I gained about how to build solar panels at home.

I have nothing to loose if I share this information with you. I have already constructed my solar roof tiles -:)


So my friend, look around here and read every word about constructing your own solar power roof shingles and believe me you will never feel sorry for that…

Enjoy my Blog and do not forget to drop me a comment or a question to get it answered!


The best of luck!

Daniel :-)


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