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August 27th, 2010

Hey, Daniel Here!


As I told you before, I like blogging and sharing information online about homemade solar panel. And here is my long term goal behind this goal. Indeed, I am looking to gather here a small community of people who are willing to share experiences about solar panel kits.

If you have any experiences or a self-story about DIY solar panels kits, then you can send it to me via leaving a comment here. And I will do my best to publish as soon as possible.


Please take into account that the topic of this blog is about how to build your own solar panels. Any comments that are not related to this topic will be immediately deleted.

In case you think that I can further assist you with any topic like solar panels cost, then leave me a comment here. This way, everyone else will get some benefits from your questions and comments.


Enjoy my blog!

Daniel :-)


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