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Solar Panel Installation Training: Killer Tips For FREE!

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In fact, solar panel installation training is an easy and simple project that you can take regardless of age. Honestly, you should not run after all these companies that charge you $1000s to install your solar roof.


Solar Panel Installation Training: Does It Worthwhile?


Definitely, it is worthwhile to opt for a solar panel installation training as you can save 1000s of dollars that you have to pay for a solar company, technician for the installation, and for the after-sale services.

Building your own solar panels is very useful especially during summer months and are also quite practical, since they can be portable. They can be used in several different applications and are eco friendly, because they do not consume any electrical energy.


Solar Panel Installation Training: The Common Mistake!


Some people do not opt to build a solar panel because they think that it is ONLY useful in the summer days. This is totally far away from the truth as you can use a solar system in the summer and the winter as well.

Modern solar panel installation training offer you the know-how to choose solar roof tiles that are able to store the energy. This way, your homemade solar panels will get the energy in summer and store the extra energy to be used in winter.


Solar Panel Installation Training: Your Guide!


  • To-Buy List:

The first thing you need to do is buy the tools and materials you will need. If you want to install a small panel, then you need to buy a lightweight and portable one. You can check the solar car kits that feature small solar panels.

Or alternatively, you can check the backyard lights that are inexpensive and can be found at most stores. In this context, be informed that Green-DIY-Energy is one of the best companies that offer you a reputable solar panel installation.


  • A Precaution:

The electrical and mechanical installation should always be performed in accordance with all the precaution measures and applicable codes, such as building and electrical codes.

The requirements of the installation may vary depending on the AC, DC application or the system voltage. Many things can go wrong with the installation, therefore, following the guidelines of the system is necessary.


  • A killer Tip

Solar panels produce more power when they are pointed at the sun. Most people choose the roof of their house for the installation.

But it is recommended to install the panels when you are redoing the roof because this way you will have the chance to install them firmly and eradicate possible leaks.

You should also weigh the panels to make sure they are suitable for your roof. This is one of the overlooked facts, when it comes to building your own solar panels.


  • Safety:

You should always wear protection gloves and glasses so that you can handle the equipments and wires properly. Never wear jewelry and remove all metal items when working with wires and make sure that you do not touch the terminals with bear hands.


  • Check the weather:

Last but not least, you should never install the panels on a rainy day, because you might get electrocuted. Sadly, most solar panel installation training do not mention this tip to consider when you build your own solar panels.


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Solar Panel Installation Training

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Solar Roofing Shingles- Basic Guide And Tips

June 5th, 2010 Comments off

Let us first start with a brief introduction about solar roofing shingles.

Solar shingles, also known as photovoltaic shingles, are relatively new equipments that gained their popularity due to their competency to generate and store solar energy.

The year 2005 witnessed the first release and since then solar roofing shingles receive a great deal of attention.

What was the purpose of the first release?

The purpose of the shingles’ first release was to function similarly like the old ones. However, the new solar shingles are designed to generate electricity to households and buildings.

In addition, the first release of solar roof tiles attracted peoples’ attention with its cutting design made to fit the top of houses and buildings.

The core benefit got from this invention is to get the best from the sun’s energy to generate electricity.

This would consequently help in saving on electricity’s bills and in keeping our environment clean.

What is the structure of solar roofing shingles?

These tiles are not just panels that are fitted on the roofs’ tops. Rather, they have a dark blue or purple hue that suits any kind of household.

Even more, some solar roof tiles have these hues made from “poly-matrix” so that they can be installed on the existing roof’s top without too much hassle.

What is the role of invertors?

The power is produced in DC (Direct Current) whereas houses use AC (Alternate Current). Hence, invertors are essential so that the whole process works as it should be.

However, the drawback here is the extra cost involved in buying these invertors.

What is the main disadvantage?

As a matter of fact, solar panels are more expensive compared to regular photo voltaic cells (PVs). Nevertheless, in the recent years, the need for these solar panels has been increased due to the continuous increase in the electricity’s price.

It is also seen that the government in California has begun to build new houses equipped with solar panels as this will add an additional value to the house. Furthermore, many countries like Japan and Germany try to encourage their citizens to use this clean energy.

Can you do this job on your own?

Well, some people like to build their solar roof tiles on their own. It sounds interesting for them and they will be very happy afterward when it works.

For this, you should dig the internet looking for a step-by-step movie guide.

Another alternative is to look for solar energy contractors who can do this job for you easily and quickly.

However, the down-side here is the extra cost as solar installers are not that cheap.

What would be the big benefit of using this concept?

As a matter of fact, solar hot water can be generated by the use of flat panels on the roof’s top.  This is especially effective as hot water can be used for all household purposes like showers or washing. This option is very helpful and eases the electricity’s bill in a unique manner.

Many countries like US, UK, Australia, Germany, Japan, Spain, Austria, Greece, and China are making use of this invention and encourage individuals to install solar water heaters.  Furthermore, this invention is strongly recommended by financial experts.

What would be the other benefit?

On a larger scale, solar thermal power focuses on converting the sun’s energy to thermal energy. It works via collectors that produce low, high, or medium temperature that is used in house-heating purposes. Other typical applications would be swimming pools, factories, health-clubs, etc.

What are my last words for you?

The concept of solar roofing shingles shows how the sun’s energy can be beneficial for individuals as well as the environment. To make the best use of this technology and to also add a value to your house, using solar roof tiles is the answer.

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