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Solar Roof Mounting Kits: I did it for less than $200.

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Solar Roof Mounting Kits: Solar energy is the energy received from the sun to produce electricity.  The energy thus received can be stored for future use when there is a drastic need for electricity. 

Solar Roof Mounting Kits: it works!

Solar energy can be conserved by using solar panels.  The solar panels have to be roof mounted so that it can be exposed to direct sunlight. Sunlight can be converted to electricity either through the photovoltaic effect or through the concentrated solar power system. 

In photovoltaic effect solar panels which consist of an assembly of interconnected solar cells are used.  In concentrated solar power system the sun’s energy is used to boil water which in turn is used to produce electricity. 

Most customers who want to install a solar panel are not aware of the different solar roof mounting kits available in the market. Most of the companies provide customers with a guide which consists of volumes and volumes of information about its installation. 

Customers really get bored and confused after reading these guides and sometimes they are left in the dark as to what to do and where to go.  Most of the customers wish to have a video library which provides step-by-step information of what to do and whom to approach to install a solar panel.

This information provided by the video library should be easily understandable to all who have no prior idea of installing a solar panel. 

Solar Roof Mounting Kits: This is important!

The next important thing by a customer is to have a “To buy list” which will enable customers to avoid unnecessary materials in the installation of solar panels. 

The customers would get an idea of the components which come along with the solar roof mounting kit. Then most customers expect an after sales service of the solar panels to ensure it is properly maintained. 

The final aspect is to pay a one time payment rather than paying in installments.  These are the above aspects which most customers are particular about in installing solar roof mounting kits.

  • The Different Types Of Solar Roof Mounting Kits

There are many types of solar roof mounting kits.  The “grid-tie” solar energy system is one such type.  This system generates electricity and is connected to the main electric grid. 

Grid-tie systems convert solar energy into electric current.  Solar panels absorb sunlight from the sun thereby producing DC electric current.  The grid-tie inverter converts this DC electric current to AC electric current.

This can be either directly used or transferred to the main grid to be stored and used for future use. The next type of solar roof mounting kit is the Pole Mount Solar power System. 

Solar Roof Mounting Kits: Make sure!

This solar roof mounting kits comes with a Solar panel, a charge controller which ensures that the solar panel does overcharge the solar batteries. 

Output cables and wiring options for almost all kind of applications. A Hardware Kit for Mounting the Photovoltaic Solar panel. The Pole Mount solar roof mounting kits is the most popular one among all other kits and is useful for a wide range of applications.

  • Solar Power Kits Used For Sign Lighting and Marine Lighting

The other type of solar roof mounting kits is the solar sign lighting.  There are a wide variety of signs used by many companies.  The signs are either lighted by neon bulbs or fluorescent bulbs.

Some signs would be in a brick or stone structure which would require an extra illumination.  In such cases the solar sign lighting facility can be used.  This system makes use of a solar panel, a battery and the light.

These solar roof mounting kits used for illuminating signs can illuminate small and large signs. The 6’ *6’ solar lighting kit can illuminate an area of 32 sq.ft.  and comes with a light. The 6’ * 12’ kit can illuminate an area of 72 sq.ft. and comes with two lights. 

This solar roof mounting kit used for lighting signs is found to be ideal for five star hotels, theme parks and resorts. The Marine and RV solar power kit is the other type of solar roof mounting kit. 

Solar Roof Mounting Kits: My tip for you!

This solar power kit can be used in the roof top of boats, ships and other road vehicles which have a roof top.  These solar roof mounting kits also comes with a solar panel, a charge controller, hardware to mount the solar panel and complete wiring for the whole system. 

The wiring can be connected to the solar panel which in turn is connected to the charge controller and battery.  This type of solar roof mounting kits are ideal for Government Vehicles which ply on the road and saves a lot of electricity for the Government.

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Solar Equipment: Build your Solar Roof for less than $200.

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Solar Equipment: Solar energy is now used for generating power on a large scale. The savvy consumers find it cost-effective to be the supplement for their other energy sources that is also eco-friendly.

Solar Equipment: A powerful tip!

Solar equipment is that which contains photo voltaic modules that should be protected from damage. One such solar equipment is BioSolar that frames all the photo voltaic modules and on the whole they are integrated into products by the developers.

All the recyclable and bio-degradable materials obtained from different sources are used in the bio-back sheets, some may even be toxic. Solar equipment is manufactured to interconnect solar cells and checks its performance.

The working of the solar equipment is quite complicated, it has tasks to align and transfer the solar cells from trays and put them onto modules. Then these modules are inspected and manipulated with heat, pressure and vacuum to even the layer of the structure.

  • Complete the assembling of modules by mounting junction boxes on them.

Finally, the testing process of the photo voltaic modules under specific temperatures is done. The solar equipments are designed to meet the growing demands in number of sectors like governmental, residential, commercial etc.

There are many authorized dealers who function globally to build innovative and fully technical energy systems totally dedicated to build customer’s confidence. For instance, the PV solar system saves about two tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year.

The demand for energy is rising tremendously and harnessing alternate sources of energy becomes difficult. Look down to know about the types and components of solar equipment.

Solar Equipment: Types Of Solar Equipment

There are several categories in solar equipment like solar panels, solar lights, solar batteries etc. Solar panel is a collective interconnection of photo voltaic cells that are used to supply electricity in commercial scales as well as for homes.

A single solar panel produces only less amount of energy so a series of solar panels are arranged together typically including a battery, inverter and a wiring.

These use light energy to give electricity having modules at the top or back layer. They usually involve crystalline silicone or thin-film cells and the connecting wire is composed of conductive materials like silver or copper.

A series connection is given to produce output voltage parallel to the current capability. PN junction diodes and lenses may also be used in the array of solar panels. The efficiency is increased and power is produced even during the night.

Another type of solar equipment for lighting your outdoors, garage and garden is by using solar lights. Street lights are popping up everywhere because of the public’s convenience to have illuminated surroundings and mark footpaths.

  • Now let us look deeper into the components of a solar lamp.

It is generally a fixture that is composed of a rechargeable battery and LED in addition to the photo voltaic solar panel. There is variety of designs involved in this solar equipment like theme based and different shapes.

They are also used in decoration and special effects in sophisticated arenas like a swimming pool. Hybrid lighting combines artificial light along with solar power for interior illuminations.

Solar Equipment: Some Insights On The Solar Cells And Water Heaters

Solar cell is an electronic device that converts light energy that is directly obtained from the sun into electricity. Assembling together different solar cells make up a solar module and the energy generated from this module is called solar energy.

This light source can be anything and not necessarily be sunlight. Everyone can look to adapt to alternative and cheaper sources of energy. The best and efficient way to heat water is to use the sun’s heat for domestic and industrial applications.

Usually a collector is placed on a roof top, which is generally made of a glass with insulated box that absorbs the heat rays from the sun and heats up the water.

It is always better than immersion heater that consumes lot of electricity. The most critical solar equipment is the solar inverter which converts the DC output voltage into AC frequency and is sent into the electric grid with several functions adapted.

There are various categories of this solar equipment they are standalone, grid tie and battery backup.

These are some of the benefits that the natural solar source provides the habitants of this world and lets them to harness solar energy in a simpler and efficient way.

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Solar Roof Mounting Systems: Your Startup Guide!

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Solar Roof Mounting Systems: With the solar roof mounting systems installed in your home, you can slash your electricity bill and you can even sell back the power generated to your power grid company for a perfect return on your investment.

Solar Roof Mounting Systems: This is important!

You might be one of those persons who are constantly worried about the whopping electricity bill and power consumption each end every month.

With the recession and global economic crisis hitting every nation all over the world, every one is very much concerned about saving money and wealth for the future generation.

  • One more major reason for the recession is, global warming.

It has been emerging as the major enemy and the biggest ever threat to the entire human and earth life because of its many consequences.

This is a wake up call for everyone in this world to stop and prevent the consequences of global warming. Or, else you need to go back to the primitive stage of mankind with no resources and facilities at all.

  • We are in the verge of destruction by our major enemy “global warming”.

So, a perfect answer for all these problems is to have a clean and green environment without the impact of major chemicals.

If you browse through the net, you may get plenty of suggestions to create a clean and green environment. But, installing solar roof mounting systems in your home will not only be a great step for a pure earth but also it proves to be a major step to save your bucks for your future generation by slashing the monthly electricity bills.

Solar Roof Mounting Systems: The Pros And Cons Of Various Methods Used

Before going to have a look on solar roof mounting systems, let us discuss briefly about power generation using solar energy. Solar energy is the best available clean and green resource among many renewable resources.

  • So converting this solar energy into power is a good idea for electricity generation.

There are many ways by which you can do this installation of solar energy conversion in your home, they are: solar roof mounting systems, solar ground mounting systems, active solar trackers and passive trackers.

Solar roof mounting systems as the name clearly implies, they are installed on the terrace of your house. Solar ground mounting systems are installed on the ground for certain applications.

Active solar trackers track the solar power by absorbing the solar energy from the sun’s path. They are a little expensive when compared to solar roof mounting systems and also the trackers are subject to failure as they tend to get stuck in any one position until it gets fixed.

  • Passive trackers make use of sun’s heat for the power generation.

The liquid inside the tracker is mobilized from side to side by utilizing the sun’s heat. Hence there is no use of motors or gears or controls to fail.

Solar Roof Mounting Systems: A good solution!

Solar roof mounting systems are extremely cheap when compared to other mounting systems. And also it is the most efficient in gathering the solar power to a maximum limit, as solar roof mounting systems are located on the top of your house.

  • Generally, the terrace is the part of your house, which gets exposed to maximum sunlight.

Hence, it is a wise idea to go for solar roof mounting systems for maximum trapping and utilization of the sun’s energy. A solar roof mounting system with solar trackers will also be very advantageous, as the solar tracker automatically adjusts itself in a perfect horizontal (perpendicular) line with the sun to trap maximum amount of energy.

  • Go Easy And Comfortable With The Green DIY Energy

Going green by installing solar roof mounting systems is supported by various solar rebates and incentives. The eligibility for getting the incentives is solely based on your system size and the state you reside in. In addition to all these incentives, there is a 30% tax exemption on installing solar energy conversion system. 

Solar Roof Mounting Systems: My last words for you!

For a limited time period and in certain areas of US, the government will pay you a whopping 20,000$ in rebates to install a medium sized solar roof mounting system.

So, with all these benefits, now, you may have to decide on a company which eases out your difficulty in installing this to your house.

The Green DIY Energy will guide you in a better way with easily understandable texts, guides and videos. You can have solar panels installed in your home with just less than 200$.

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