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Solar Roof Ventilation: Killer Facts To Consider!

June 8th, 2011

Solar roof ventilation as applied to the attic of a home can be an important factor in maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures. The tools may be called attic vents, roof vents, or solar attic ventilation.

In the best of circumstances, they will be incorporated in the original design of the home. Otherwise, they can be an after market addition to help in keeping the temperature in the attic from reaching stifling levels.


Solar Roof Ventilation: #1 Fact To Consider!


=>> It is the air movement that helps to regulate the temperature in the enclosed spaces between roof and ceilings.

Certainly insulation is important and should be added to attic spaces if not already in place. You should review the efficiency or R-rating factor to conform to recognized building standards for your location.

You may need to add additional insulation or to replace insulation that has outlived its usefulness.


=>> What is the next step?

The next step is to determine placement of vents if they are not already in place. They need to be located in an area that will provide the most movement of air through the space.

When the natural air movement removes the overheated air from the space, it will require less electrically generated air movement. You will also need to protect the interior of the attic from moisture or invasion by insects, birds and small mammals.


Solar Roof Ventilation: #2 Fact To Consider!


Typically, a device such as a fan is included in the solar roof ventilation design of your structure. There are many excellent models available from which to choose.

  • You can go to a website that offers reviews and comparison about various models.

The device is operated by means of a solar cell or cells. The intent is to move the hot air from the inside and exhaust it to the outside. A solar roof ventilation device doesn’t rely on cooling the air, but on moving it.


Solar Roof Ventilation: #3 Fact To Consider!


If you already have photovoltaic cells on your structure, adding additional units is probably not a difficult task. If you are considering alternative energy for the first time, you should make sure that the overall design includes the capability to ventilate the attic spaces efficiently.

=>> Solar Roof Ventilation: The Big Deal!

Solar roof ventilation will reduce the energy requirements of your home overall, since the interior cooling devices need not work so hard to lower the air temperature.

  • Thus, there is a lower need for kilowatt hours for cooling.

The attic device used to move the air typically uses a lower level of energy than an air conditioner or heat pump.

Regardless of the particular model of fan, it is important to consider the cubic measurements of the space and purchase a model designed to handle that volume of air.


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Solar Roof Ventilation

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