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The Intricate Workings Of Solar Inverters: Your Killer Guide!

June 8th, 2011

Solar Inverters: People learned, a number of years ago, the process of using cellular panels to capture the sun’s rays.

These panels have been installed in numerous homes, building and schools to cut down on the need for regular sources of electricity. Each day something new is discovered and now we have the solar inverters which is also called a PV inverter.


What are the role of solar inverters?


This unit is made to change the direct (DC) electricity from a solar panel into an alternating (AC) current that can be used with home appliances. This has solved a problem that was a block that prevented conducting smooth operations in the solar industry program.

=>> It was a matter of increasing harnessing the sun’s rays into usable energy.

These solar inverters have special features to deal with the different PV array.

This includes maximum power point tracing and anti-islanding protection. These units are what keeps the operations moving smoothly.


Types of Solar Inverters!


=>> There are three types of solar inverters.They are:

  • Stand Along,
  • Gird Tie
  • and Battery Backup.

The stand-alone units are mostly used in isolated systems. This is where DC energy is drawn from batteries charged by Photovoltaic arrays, wind turbines, hydro turbines or engine generators. They do not interface with the utility grid so do not need anti-islanding protection.

The stand along inverter is used in places such as boats and cabins that re in isolated locations. It draws direct power from wind and hydro turbines, batteries and engine generators.

It is often used to recharge batteries from the alternating current source. They are ‘off grid’ which means they do not need anti-islanding protection.

=>> Main role of grid-tie solar inverters!

The grid-tie inverters works to ensure that energy received from the various sun/energy collectors will work with energy from the utility grid. This is what makes it possible for a homeowner, who may harness too much power, to sell it back to the utility company.

=>> Battery backup solar inverters pull their energy from a battery.

Since they are used mostly in the event of an energy outage, they require anti-standing protection. This protection is a vital part of one of these solar inverters.

Anti-standing protection is what shuts off the power if case there is confusion regarding whether the power is or is not off.


Solar Inverters: A Significant Plus To our Life!


There is no doubt that the invention of these inverters has added efficiency and protection for all who are using or working with solar energy.

Saddling the terrific heat from the sun’s rays has been an outstanding challenge, which is only now becoming realized and properly transformed for human use.


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