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How Solar Panels Work? The Right Answer!

June 8th, 2011

How Solar Panels Work?  The fascination with alternative forms of energy is not new.

In fact as the cost of power from utility companies becomes higher, more people are researching articles and books to find out how solar panels work and how the energy from the sun can be used to make the cost of heating and cooling cheaper.

Solar energy is already being used in many devices. Since the beginning of space program technology, scientists have been looking for ways to make energy available without the use of coal, water or nuclear sources.


How Solar Panels Work? The Basic Facts!


In order to operate, a solar panel requires a source of sunlight, material to absorb and release the energy and a way to make the released energy flow in a specified direction.

A panel is made up of several cells in a frame of some type to protect the delicate materials that actually do the work of conversion.Today, energy conductive materials are manufactured in other forms.

For example, they can become part of a roof covering itself on new and existing structures. In each case, the goal is to provide more power for a lower cost.


How Solar Panels Work? Common Used Materials!


The most commonly used semiconductor material used today is silicon. When the sun’s rays strike the surface of material used as a semiconductor, part of the photons are absorbed into the silicon.

The loose photons in the light rays force the release of electrons from the silicon. The photovoltaic cells that make up solar panels all include electrical fields that force the loose electrons to flow in an ordained direction.

Each cell has a metal contact placed at the top and bottom of the cell so that the electron flow can be drawn off and used to power all your electrical appliances and systems.

The size and number of the cells put together into an array is what determines the amount of current that can be produced by a single panel.

Other factors that affect the efficiency of the unit include:

  • the type of silicon and
  • how it is manufactured.

When it comes to know how solar panels work, you should know that solid blocks of the semiconductor materials typically have a higher efficiency rating than thin films or other designs.


How Solar Panels Work? An Important Notice!


It is interesting to note that it is the impurities in the silicon crystals that allow the current to flow. Often the other elements are added deliberately in order to increase the ability of the atoms to form loose electrons that join with other atoms to form the electrical current.

One typical element added to pure silicon to increase efficiency is phosphorus. The action of the heat from the sun’s rays on the phosphorus helps the electrons to break free and begin the process of forming a current of electrons.

Whether the silicon is “doped” with phosphorus, boron or other substances, it is the secondary materials that makes the photovoltaic cell operate to produce an electrical current.

=>> Research to increase the conductivity and the efficiency of cells continues.

Learning how solar panels work is helpful for the homeowner who wants to lower utility costs for the home or business. Solar cells are also used to power more and more appliances and applications.


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How Solar Panels Work

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