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Solar Roof Water Heater: Build it for ONLY $200!

September 5th, 2011

Solar Roof Water Heater: Solar roof water heater is an innovative technology which utilizes an alternative source of energy to heat the water.

Solar Roof Water Heater: Good to know!

This can only not save our electricity bill but it can be used for a long period of time. In the modern lifestyle, the hot water has been used for various purposes.

  • Solar energy is always the best option to heat the water in a natural way.

Solar roof water heater becomes a life time equipment to obtain hot water. Government is ready to offer the loans to bear the cost of the equipment. This is the best option of water heating even in the cold countries.

The barriers in the solar roof water heater are lack of proper information about the technologies, the size of the equipment, cost involved in it and about the maintenance.

  • An Innovative Technology Which Saves Electivity Bill

Solar roof water heater is very simple. Solar collector panels looks like a skylight. There is a solar storage tank where the cold water will be collected.

  • The water which is to be heated is circulated to the solar collectors and the storage tank.

The heated water is collected from the storage tank. When we use the proper solar roof water heater, then it itself can supply most of the energy needed to heat the water. To get the maximum benefits from the solar roof water heater, the solar collector should be provided with a large area so that the solar energy gets properly concentrated to that area.

Solar Roof Water Heater: Things to consider!

The collectors are installed on the flat roof so that the sun light falls directly on the collector. The size of the collector depends on the amount of usage of the hot water.

Active solar systems can be installed on any roof because it weighs less than the normal roof load capacity. This type of solar roof water heater does not require a tank on the roof.

  • But the passive type of solar roof water heater requires a tank on the roof.

Moreover it uses the thermosiphon system. Using this system the warm water is raised and circulated to the collectors and the tank. As the water heats up in the collector, it will become light and is directed to the tank.

  • In the same time the cold water flows to the bottom and circulates through out the system.

This process continues until the entire tank gets heats up. This heated water gets stored in the insulated water tank which can be used on the next day. This solar roof water heater has great absorption area along with the great absorption time.

  • This solar roof water heater has a minimum heat loss.

It is very effective even during the cloudy and winter days. It is very easy to clean. Moreover it does not require any special kind of maintenance.

This solar roof water heater has a very compact size and hence it occupies only a less space. They are made up of high quality stainless steel which provides a high resistance to corrosion and hence provides the durability. But it requires a shadow free area for the installation.

Solar Roof Water Heater: Environment Friendly Technology To Heat Water

Solar water heater is cost effective when compared with the total energy cost. Though it requires a higher investment initially, it definitely helps us to regain our initial investment within few years.

  • They are very important because of their eco-friendly nature.

In order to take the full advantage of this solar water heater, it is better to place them in the south direction. They can operate in any kind of climatic conditions. Performance depends on the amount of available solar energy and the cold water which flows in to the system.

  • A Long Term Investment With The Advanced Technology

Solar Roof Water HeaterDuring the installation itself the user will be provided with the instructions that should be followed for its operation and maintenance. Their operations are fully automatic. The indicator is provided to make the user to identify the malfunction.

Government is encouraging the people to use these kinds of appliances which use the solar energy. They are ready to offer loan incentives for these systems.

It is always a better financial investment on the solar water heater because though it is expensive to install initially, it proves to be a long term investment which can bring back a large potential savings in the future.

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