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Solar Roof Pool Heater: Do it on your own in 1 Week!

September 4th, 2011

Solar Roof Pool Heater: Solar energy is the primary renewable energy source available today for electricity generation. It is the radiant energy that is available to the earth directly from the Sun.

Solar Roof Pool Heater: Watch out!

It seems to be costlier than the fossil fuels. But the cost of solar power installation continues to decline with the growth of the market. The cost of the solar energy can reach the point of affordability when we started to realize the benefits of the solar energy and use it in our home.

Solar water heating systems have been used in many countries like China, Australia, Japan, Turkey, Israel, Austria and Greece. Solar water heating systems have been constructed with the help of renewable energy technologies.

  • Solar roof pool heater is designed to distribute hot water for years.

In a pump circulated system, the storage tank is mounted on the floor below the solar collectors’ level. A circulating pump is used to move water and heat transfer liquid between the collectors and the tank.

We are going to discuss about the close-coupled solar water heating system in which storage tanks are directly mounted above the solar collectors built on the roof.

This system does not require pumps to circulate water since the hot water rises naturally into the tank which is called as thermosiphon flow.

We can also get tax incentives for installing solar roof pool heaters. Solar roof pool heater is the cost-effective application of solar energy in any climate.

Solar Roof Pool Heater: How does it work?

Solar roof pool heater is simple and very good application of solar energy and relatively inexpensive. Solar roof pool heater helps us save lots of money in heating our swimming pool and helps the environment by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.

The solar roof pool heater includes a solar collector which circulates the water to be heated, a filter which removes debris from water before it is pumped to reach the collector, a pump which circulates water through the collector and filter and back to swimming pool and a flow control valve which diverts the water flow through the solar collector. 

  • The solar roof pool systems use low cost plastic collectors that are unglazed.

The pool acts as a thermal storage for the whole roof pool system. The pump circulates water through the plastic solar collectors. Let us see how the solar roof pool heater works in heating the pool water.

First, the pool water is pumped into the filter where the pool water is cleaned and then pumped through the unglazed plastic solar collectors in which the water is heated.

Finally, the hot water is returned to the pool. The solar collectors can be used to cool the swimming pool water just by circulating the pool water at night during summer.

Solar Roof Pool Heater: Purpose Of Solar Collectors

Some solar roof pool heater includes sensors and a valve which may be manual or automatic. When the temperature of the solar collector is higher than the pool temperature, the valve diverts the pool water through the collector.

When the temperatures of the pool and the collector remain the same, the filtered pool water bypasses the collector and then returned to the pool. The materials used to make solar water collectors are numerous.

The type of the material you will need depends upon for which purpose you need the collector and the climate. If you need the pool water to be heated only when the pool temperature is above freezing, then you can use an unglazed solar collector.

The unglazed solar collectors do not have a glass covering and made of heavy-duty plastic or rubber. The materials are treated with UV light inhibitor in order to make the collectors more durable. 

These collectors are less expensive than the solar collectors that are glazed and they can also work for indoor swimming pools. Glazed solar collectors are constructed using copper tubing mounted on an aluminum plate included with iron-tempered glass covering.

It is expensive than unglazed collector yet works more efficiently in colder weather than unglazed collectors. It can also be used to heat water that is used for domestic purposes. Both types of solar collectors of solar roof pool heater require freeze protection to work in colder conditions.

Solar Roof Pool Heater: Installation Of Solar Roof Pool Heating System

Solar Roof Pool HeaterThe installation of solar roof pool heater depends on several factors which include climate, building code requirements, solar resource and safety issues.

So you need to get the assistance of qualified solar power company contractors to install your system. They must be capable of providing you services in maintaining the system.

The Green-DIY-Energy offers you the best service in installing and maintaining your solar roof pool heater.

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