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Solar Panel Manufacturer: Start Here to Save Your Hard Earned Money!

September 6th, 2011

Solar Panel Manufacturer: Solar Energy is the use of sunlight energy to produce electricity.  To generate solar energy solar panels are used.  The solar panel is an assembly of solar cells which are interconnected. 

Solar Panel Manufacturer: Don´t forget!

These solar cells are also called Photovoltaic cells.  The solar panels used for generating solar energy which in turn is used to produce electricity can be used for commercial purposes or for residential purposes.  

The manufacturing of solar panels for residential and commercial purposes is rapidly increasing.  There are a wide number of manufacturers all over the world employing different techniques in generating solar energy. 

One of the crucial points which all homeowners consider is that whether there house is suitable enough to install a suitable solar panel. 

  • For this they have to approach a suitable solar panel manufacturer. 

The interesting fact is that the solar panel can work under a variety of conditions. Solar panel manufacturers guide the users in the different ways of installing a solar panel in their house.

The Major Factors To Be Considered Before Installing A Suitable Solar Panel Followed By Solar Panel Manufacturers: If the house of a homeowner is more than half a mile from the nearest power line then the solar panel manufacturers would advice such homeowners to go in for off- the grid solar system with a combination of active and passive PV solar system along with batteries. 

Since electric utilities cost more to run a line from the nearest power line to the home it is better to go for battery system with generators which will cost less. 

  • This advice can be given only by a reputed Solar panel manufacturer. 

PV Solar Systems are very ideal in places where the cost of electricity is more.  Since, global warming is on the rise, many states all over the world are providing financial incentives to homeowners who wish to install a PV Solar system in their house. 

By this scheme, a lot of solar panel manufacturers would be benefited since many homeowners would make use of the financial incentive provided by the state.

Solar Panel Manufacturer: Things to consider!

In the case of Photovoltaic systems, shade is a major factor in installing solar power panels.  If the house is in an area where there are dense trees, there is the potential that it may block the PV panels and it may be necessary to cut the trees. 

There are portable solar meters which can tell the current level of sunlight a particular area is receiving and it can also project the level of sunlight for that position for the whole area. So, such doubts and the availability of suitable solar meters can be clarified only from an appropriate solar panel manufacturer.  

  • What Advice Is Given By Solar Panel Manufacturers To Its Customers?

The other general fact is that south facing roofs are considered better for positioning solar panels. But this is not the case; most solar panel can produce strong output even if the roof is not facing south. 

A roof which is only 45 degrees off of south will only output 4% less of electricity than if it were placed perfectly towards south. Roof angles are also considered in placing solar panels.

  • Generally, solar panel installers would consider a 30% angle for roof angles. 

But a south facing roof with a strong 45% roof angle will produce only 3% less of electricity.  So, this criterion is not mainly taken into consideration by many manufacturers. 

The other important fact is the impact of snow and leaves on the solar panel.  Most of the solar panel manufacturers would advice their customers to properly maintain their solar panels for a long lasting life.

Solar Panel Manufacturer: Keep in mind!

The impact of snow and leaves on solar panels is great. This will greatly impair the performance of the solar power panels.  So, most solar panel manufacturers would warn their customers to keep the solar panel out of debris.  

Many solar panel manufacturers would advice homeowners not to install solar panels if there roof is under insulated.  If a solar panel is installed in such a house a lot of solar energy would be wasted and it is better that such houses do not install solar panels. 

Solar panels are ideal to be fixed in houses where the insulation is proper and the roofs not old and strong enough with good foundation for solar panels. 

  • Solar panel Manufacturers would first consider the roof done before installing solar panels. 

Solar Panel ManufacturerSince, it would involve added cost if the roof has to be repaired once again after installing a solar panel.  Cost also plays a major role in installing a suitable solar panel. 

Only a reputed solar panel manufacturer can provide quality, performance oriented solar panels at a reasonable rate.  So, customers have to take into account all the above factors and the cost associated with it, in installing a suitable solar panel.

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