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How To Choose Your Solar Power Companies? 3 Killer Checks!

June 5th, 2010 4 comments

Do you know what the largest source of energy today in the United States is? It is the solar energy, which is based on converting the sun’s light into electricity.

Indeed, the last decade witnessed a tremendous increase in the number of solar power companies that use renewable resources such as sun, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, biomass, and waste to generate energy.

In addition, several solar power companies tend to adopt the concept of concentrating solar power (CSP).  As a matter of fact, CSP is a well planned concept that can generate energy up to 100 Megawatts (MW), which can be enough to operate a small factory.

How to get this new source of energy?

Solar power roof shingles, also known as solar roof tiles, own an innovative and cutting edge design that can be easily fitted to the roofs of houses or buildings.

In this context, it is nice to know that realizing the power in the sun’s light is not a new or modern concept. It is said that many civilizations worshiped the sun due to the high degree of its energy.

What do most people feel worry about?

Some might be right when they worry about the cost of having to install solar panels, roofs or tiles.

Unlike in the past, the usage of solar energy is given a lot of importance as it is the best way to conserve our environment and energy. For this reason, many governments try to support this kind of energy to make it affordable for the citizens.

What would be the best starting point?

To start the right way, it is recommended to look for easy-to-install solar power kits. They do help in setting up solar roof tiles from scratch. Even more, some kits offer video-manuals to make it more convenient for you.

Which ways do you have to go?

Some people prefer a ready-to-use gadget that can be installed at home without too much of a hassle. Whereas others do follow a do-it-your-own (DIY) concept as it is more cost effective to do the work on their own. This is especially true since the services obtained from solar power companies are not that cheap.

Where should you start searching?

Have you ever been informed that the US government has collected a lot of useful data about this topic for the American citizens?

Indeed, the government is motivated to make this new source of energy affordable for almost each one. Hence, browsing these websites will definitely help you to reveal all the needed solar energy facts.

How to choose the best solar power companies?

As a matter of fact, you need to run 3 checks:

Check #1: Is it a legitimate company or a fly-by-night one?

Unfortunately, the internet is full of internet scams and frauds who promise you the best guide, but they indeed offer you nothing. Hence, it is recommended to check the age of the company’s site. Furthermore, it is nice to check online discussion rooms to see what others say.

Check #2: How many customers do they have?

You should never decide to deal with any company without having an idea about their previous experiences.

Ask them to offer you the contact of some previous customers. Then, it would be your chance to hear an honest review.

Check #3: Do they offer after-sale services?

I would stay away from any company that does not offer after-sale services. It should always be the case that you can consult their specialists in case you experienced any problems after the installation.

Following the previous checks, you will most probably target one of the best solar power companies. My last message for you is to start today looking for the easy-to-install kits and let us hopefully have a green environment.

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Solar Roof Installation – Discover Your Road-Map Here!

June 4th, 2010 1 comment

First, what is a renewable energy?

Indeed, a renewable energy is any form of energy that is received from natural sources. These natural sources include, but are not limited to:  the sun, wind, rain, and water (rivers, sea).  As one can see, these sources are renewable and can never vanish.

How to use these sources perfectly?

An effective usage of these new sources can ensure enough energy to almost each house. In this context, one such aspect to use this clean energy is solar roof installation. Mainly, solar panels consist of tiles that are purple or dark blue. They can be fitted on the already existing roofs to generate power and make a maximum use of the sun’s energy.

What are the basic solar energy facts?

An average US home consumes about 8,900kwh of electricity per year, which is approximately 24kwh a day. It is also well-known that it does cost a lot to install such gadgets to use solar energy in one’s home. However, solar power companies are working towards making it affordable for a wide range of individuals.

It is also believed that the value of a solar powered home can be increased by 15% compared to the value of a house that is not solar powered. Adding to this, solar power is a clean source of energy that helps in making our environment much healthier.

What is the motivation behind switching to a renewable energy?

There is no doubt that a solar renewable energy lasts for ever, which eliminates the worry about vanishing of the energy sources. For example, wind energy is being increased in its consumption over the years and it shows at least 30% increase each year.

Thanks to drastic climatic changes and higher costs of fossil fuels, several governments encourage the usage of such renewable sources of energy. They even try to support solar power companies so that this clean energy can be affordable to almost everyone.

What are the basic tools needed for solar roof installation?

Initially, one needs a certain setup that works on tracking and absorbing the sun’s light. Such a setup has various names, e.g.  solar roof shingles, solar roof tiles, or solar electric panels. Indeed, names differ, but the concept is always the same. These setups are equipped by photo voltaic cells that convert the sun’s light into direct current electricity.

How does solar roof installation work?

The installation process can either be done by calling any of the contractors or installers. Another alternative is to get a ‘Do-it-Yourself’ kit where it is ready to be bought off the shelf. In normal cases, this kit includes basic instructions associated with video-manuals to make it easy for the consumers to do it on their own.

What are the other forms of a renewable energy?

One other energy source is the wind power. In this case, energy is generated through the usage of the wind. Another source is the hydro-power energy, which is generated with the usage of water.

Additional examples are Bio-Fuel and Bio-Gas energies. In the first case, the energy is generated by the means of plants whereas – in the second case – it is generated by using the waste.

What are my last words for you?

It is worthwhile to invest time and energy looking for the best solar roof installation method. I would advise you to dig the internet looking for the best DIY kit. In this context, my last tip is to compare at least 3 offers before you choose any of them. This way, you will avoid any undesired consequences.


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