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Solar Roof Tiles– My Killer Interesting Story

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Hey, Daniel here :-)

If you are dreaming of the moment to reduce your electricity bills, then today is your lucky day.
Honestly, I strongly advise you to read every single word on this page.

Indeed, this post is my uncensored story about getting solar roof tiles installed and working the easiest and the cheapest way ever.

Cheer Up!

You are just few minutes from discovering the ups, the downs, and finally the one solution I found to get incredible solar panel roofing installed for less than a miserable $200.


In case you like to skip my story:

Click Here To Discover How I Built Solar Roof Tiles For Less Than $200.


So, let me tell you first what the beginning was:

One day after having a romantic dinner, my wife asked me:

Daniel, why should we pay over $200 a month for electricity bills when we can get a lifetime renewable energy using solar panels?

Well, I was honestly ashamed of myself because this good question was issued by her and not by me . But…

Q: What is the first serious issue we faced?

A: We did lack the technical power and the needed experiences to build solar power roof shingles on our own.

Did I tell you that I work as a software engineer and I had nothing to do in my life with solar roof installation?

Then, my wife and I worked hand-in-hand in searching here and there for the best solar power companies.

And imagine what….

Q: How did we feel after dealing with several solar power companies?

A: If you said “big losers and highly frustrated”, then you shot the right words, but why?

  • First, we were asked to buy retail solar panels for more than $1,000.
  • Second, they wanted to charge us around $10,000 for powering the entire house.
  • Third, most companies do not offer a reliable after-sales service.
  • Fourth, a couple of companies wanted to charge us $100 per hour for any future consultations.


Then, one day a good friend advised me to look for online solar power kits.

Then, I thought… hmm….. Why not?

Here we go:

I spent long months digging the internet almost each day looking for the most reputable online power kit that can help me to install solar roof tiles.

Are you interested to learn from my mistakes? Then, go on reading!

Q: Why I was sick of the solar power companies I found online?

A: Honestly, 90% of solar power companies suffer from the following serious issues:

  • I was lost among their 100s pages guides that made me just more lost and confused.
  • None of the companies offered me a “real” step-by-step easy to follow instructions.
  • When it comes to solar electric panels, nothing is better than step-by-step videos. However, most of the companies offered me just long boring text guides.
  • The writers of the manuals were really experts, but they did lack the power to clarify the information for people with no prior experiences.
  • And finally, most of solar power companies wanted to charge me around $70-$100 per hour for any future consultation.


I did not give up though, and here is how I shifted my angle:

One day few months ago, my wife was digging the internet in the hope to find a way to get a home solar system for a reasonable cost.

During searching, she found people talking about defining criteria to know where and how one can get the optimal solar power kit.

Indeed, we decided to define several criteria for selecting our next solar installers:

  • They must provide a killer video-library to show us in a step-by-step easy to follow instructions what we should exactly do.
  • Their guide must be easy to understand and follow even for people who have no idea about solar roof tiles.
  • They must provide a “To-Buy” list so that we will not buy extra materials and loose our hard-earned money.
  • Offering after-sales service is a must for us. Preferable, they should offer telephone support and an interactive forum to talk with other members.
  • Finally, we were interested to get a one-time payment option with no monthly fee.


Then, after 4 long months of searching here and there, we were about to give up.

Then, one night that we cannot forget, booooom….. we found “Green-DIY-Energy”.


Q: So first, why did I decide to give it a serious try?

A: I found out that “Green-DIY-Energy” is a loyal member of the American Solar Energy Society, which enjoys one of the highest ranks in the USA.

In addition, a third-party online forum with a very high reputability (Solar Power Forum powered by SolarHome.org) proved that:

“Green-DIY-Energy” sells around 4000 guides per month and has thousands of satisfied customers in 60 different countries.


In case you are curious to know more:

Click Here To Visit The Official Website Of Green DIY Energy


So, and now after dealing with Green-DIY-Energy, why am I deeply satisfied?

  • They offered me a 60 minutes video library that shows exactly in a very easy-to-follow manner what I should do, why, and how.
  • I got a “to-buy” list material to avoid buying unnecessary stuff. If I had this list before, I would have saved around $500 of my hard-earned money.
  • They own a very useful forum where I got in contact with thousands of other members for further consultations.
  • When it comes to support, I never found a company like Green-DIY-Energy. What can be better than having a forum and telephone support for FREE?
  • I found no other company that offers a guide about solar tax credits and rebates.

And the best of all

  • Green-DIY-Energy sells its guides through a third-party worldwide network called ClickBank, which offers money back guarantee for 60 days without any questions asked.


So, I thought, I have nothing to lose and maybe a lot to win

Ah by the way, did I tell you that “Green-DIY-Energy” shipped the product CD to me at home? And even more, they offered me a digital version to download so that I was immediately able to start building my solar roof tiles.

However, I see here one disadvantage concerning “Green-DIY-Energy”:

As I bought the solar power kit from “Green-DIY-Energy”, they charged me $197 that was relatively expensive compared to other solar power companies playing around.

But, this disadvantage did not stop me, why?

I thought, if I just consider the features of having a FREE support and a concrete “To-Buy” list, then my money would pay it off again.

However,…. (Be Careful and do NOT overlook this remark)

I heard from a friend that they sometimes offer a sale and provide exactly the same complete features for only a miserable $49,97.

If I were in your shoes, I would have gone immediately to check if they currently offer a sale. Do it now, you may have a better luck than me :-) e


Click Here To Build Your Solar Roof Tiles For Less Than $200 Even With No Experience.

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